Sponsor of July—August 2017 — fundraising concert

In May 2017, Isabel Gil García (Spanish musical mediator) took care of the organization of a benefit concert for #SaveGenderMuseum’s campaign in Madrid, Spain.

The concert took place in a little and cosy music hall named Martinez Bar, in city center.

All the musicians joined the activity to support the campaign. Their names are: Marilia, Gema Hernandez, La Chica Metáfora, Lui, Celia Bsoul, Paula Carrillo, Marta Espinosa, Victor Ordoñez, Laura Navarrete, Uxía Rodríguez and Esmeralda Bermudo.

At the beggining there was short presentation of #SaveGenderMuseum by María Sánchez, and during the concert break there was a colloquium with Marilia, Kateryna Palasnka, María Sánchez and Cristina Alonso (moderator), to discuss about women’s situation in music and into Spanish society, throw their different opinions.

All the tickets’ benefits were committed to support Kharkiv’s Gender Museum.


Sponsor of April and September 2017 — students from China

GENDERMUSEUM is often visited by guests from other countries. They are activists, students and journalists from UK, Canada, USA, France, Spain, Korea, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Japan, Germany and Austria.

In February 2017 foreign volunteers were visiting Kharkiv in frames of the project “Feel Ukraine”, whose main objective is to destroy stereotypes about Ukraine. Participants of previous wave of this project already visited the CENDERMUSEUM and they were very impressed. In current group were volunteers from other countries (China, Turkey, Indonesia). What they saw and heard at the Museum did not leave them indifferent. Among them Summer, a student from China, which initiated rising funds to support of the Museum. As short reminder GENDERMUSEUM is based in the part of communal flat and maintained only through the campaign #SaveGenderMuseum.

Summer said that she told about the Museum to her friends WeeChat and proposed them to take part in #SaveGenderMuseum (WeeChat is a mobile application, a cross between a messenger and social network). These people are also students, the same as Summer. “Some of them – are friends of my friends, some of them I even do not know! But it’s just great that they trusted me and decided to support GENDERMUSEUM!» — she said.

We sent them souvers — 40 envelopes with postcards, personal appreciation and 10 Ukrainian cents as a symbol of solidarity, because even a small contribution from each person helps to realize great ideas.

Thanks to such people as Summer and her friends GENDERMUSEUM remains open!

Patrocinador marzo 2017 — participantes del taller de creación de un videojuego para el Museo de Género

El mes de marzo, mes internacional a la mujer, el Museo de Género está patrocinado por los participantes del “Taller de creación de un videojuego para el Museo de Género de Ucrania”. Tuvo lugar en Madrid (España), en Casa del Lector (Matadero Madrid) gracias a la colaboración de la Escuela de Factoría Cultural. Durante las tardes de cuatro semanas (los martes y jueves desde el 8 de noviembre de 2016 al 1 de diciembre) los participantes compartieron un espacio de aprendizaje, diálogo y reflexión, trabajando acompañados de varios coordinadores para la creación de un videojuego jugable que, a su vez, quiere hacer accesible el museo ucraniano desde cualquier parte del mundo, debido sobre todo a las dificultades tan particulares que tiene el centro. El taller se realizó en paralelo en España (Madrid) y en Ucrania (Járkov), compartiendo los contenidos y resultados que en la actualidad se están utilizando para el desarrollo del juego.

El taller es una iniciativa del estudio de videojuegos Gammera Nest con la participación de #SaveGenderMuseum  y del Museo de Género, y con la colaboración de Factoría Cultural. El resultado del proceso de trabajo se está desarrollando hasta conformar un videojuego, disponible posteriormente para PC, smartphone y tablet. Con este formato lúdico se aspira a explicar, en distintas sesiones de trabajo, la relevancia del Museo de Género en el contexto sociopolítico de Ucrania.

Así que en este mes internacional de la mujer queremos dar las gracias a los participantes en el taller ya que con su ayuda el museo abrirá durante este mes pero lo que es más importante aún, ¡estamos creando el primer videojuego de género de la historia!

Sponsor of February 2017 — Juergen Pijahn

«I always have been taught by my mom that first of all we are humans. It does not matter if you are man or woman, fat or skinny, German or African, refugee or local, or what your skin color is I will treat you as human. And I also want to be treated this way.

Do you really think that we, men, always strong? No. I allow myself be weak. I hug, when someone is sad, and I want to be hugged when I am sad.

Do you really think that we, men, want to awake with that glamorous girls with makeup on their faces in the morning? No! We are real, we are not the ones from glance magazines. And I want to have real person near me, sleepy in the morning and in oversized t-shirt…

And, hey, I am the middleaged man and I also want to be objectificated as well!»

I support #SaveGenderMuseum because every human being deserve safety, food, clean water, possibility to get education and work. But not all people have this basic needs, because someone wants to owns resources. And it is hard time for Ukraine as well.»

Sponsor of January 2017 — ADDARES, Insurance brokerage

The history of insurance in the world is linked to the solidarity of people in the face of a misfortune. In its beginnings it involved the distribution of risks as a feeling of mutual support without a technical or legal basis. For example, during Antiquity and Middle Ages stored cereals in the barns of the nobles that were distributed in times of scarcity. It was the times of the medieval guilds that lent mutual help in case of illness, incapacity or death.

Today insurance has evolved to ensure the right quality of life of an advanced society in anticipation of risks. In essence, they involve a contract whereby the insurer charges a premium with which it is obligated to pay compensation when an accident occurs.

In Spain, every hour 3,257 medical acts and health benefits covered by policies are made for 585,685 euros. And, also every hour of the day, 1.1 million euros are paid in Life insurance.

The insurance industry promotes the domestic savings of a country, protects family assets, Health and Life. And, according to the EPA (Active Population Survey), by the end of 2015, it generated employment for 156,500 workers.

However, insurance is complex and difficult to understand protection products. And this is where we turn our eyes towards the principle of initial solidarity incardinated in the insurance broker. Its only function is to look for a good insurance, with the correct coverage so that, in case of loss, the company responds by paying the compensation to which it has committed.

The way to guarantee a satisfactory outcome for the consumer is to rely on this independent specialist who stays by his side, during the term of the insurance, updating the coverages when changes occur. And, above all, that is defended, in case of loss, until receiving the compensation that corresponds to him. An insurance broker is clear and transparent because he explains the policies “as they are.” And it always stays with the customer before, during and after the incident. Insurance is always better when accompanied by the services of an insurance broker.

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We firmly believe that insurance is best when accompanied by our services.

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GENDERMUSEUM summary 2016

In 2016 GENDERMUSEUM was open only thanks to campaign #SaveGenderMuseum, which were founded by feminist and activist visual artist Maria Sanchez. During 2016 GENDERMUSEUM attended over 1000 visitors — students, representatives of non-government organizations, media, government, educational institutions, visitors from other Ukrainian cities and from other countries (Germany, Poland, Austria, Korea, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Czech Republic etc.).

GENDERMUSEUM became a project of the Centre of Gender Culture, which supported by European Endowment for Democracy. The Centre of Gender Culture hosted 4 GENDERMUSEUM exhibitions.

Project GENDERMUSEUM «Famous Kharkiv women» was represented in Kharkiv art-galeries – «Art of Slobojanshina» and «AVEC». By initiative and support of Kharkiv non-government orgnisation «Krona» GENDERMUSEUM exhibitions in project “Museum on wheels” have been seen around 2000 Ukrainian pupils. GENDERMUSEUM took part in the March of eguality in Dnepropetrovsk.

In November 2016 GENDERMUSEUM took part in V International Congress of Women Museums in Mexico by initiative of IAWM (International Association of Women Museums) and presented the exhibition «Making HerStory visible».

Our team thank to all those, who joined to our #SaveGenderMuseum campaign and help us to keep GENDERMUSEUM.

Sponsors of 2016

Sponsor of January 2016
Museum of African Art Alonso Arellano University of Valladolid

Sponsor of February 2016
#ARTEYGÉNERO in Art Madrid’16

Sponsor of March 2016
Transilvania LAB

Sponsor of April 2016
Nokton Magazine

Sponsor of May 2016
Zafra Violeta

Sponsor of June 2016

Sponsor of July 2016

Sponsor of August 2016
Congreso Xénero, Museos, Arte y Educación de la Red Museística Provincial de Lugo

Sponsor of September 2016

Sponsor of October 2016
Gabriela Farnell

Sponsor of November 2016
Miriam Jano

Sponsor of December 2016
German Garcia Minguez

Sponsor of November 2016 — Miriam Jano

Miriam Jano.
31 years.
Married, three daughters.
Israel, Tel Aviv.
Born and raised in Odessa.

I am speaking to my friends and compatriots. To those of you who are financially dependent on the husband and feels inconvenience regarding this.

As girls, who had been brought up in the post Soviet countries, we take for granted the fact that our husbands manage finances in our families. We have to ask for money and give a report on all costs of family, children and themselves. Sometimes it develops into a method of pressure for the husband. He earns money, this is what gives him the power over us and our ability to control. In some cases, this is what even allows the man to blame, humiliate and oppress us. Sometimes we temporarily deprived of funds as punishment.

The fact that we are bringing up our children and engaged into home improvement does not give us the right to be full participants in the possession of the family budget. It also does not give us the sense of security and confidence in the future, as in the case of divorce we will stay without anything left. If you are familiar with this situation. If you hear reproaches from the man that he earns only, and you do nothing. If you feel that this is a vicious circle and there is nothing about the money or work, it is only about the control… This fact has a name – financial domestic violence.

Man is a victim as well because he has very dangerous weapon, which allows him to control the life of another person. Because he lives in a not enlightened society that is under the pressure of gender stereotypes. As soon as he saw the distorted model of relations between their parents.

The only way to solve this problem in the family, is drafting a legal document that governs the relationship (not just financial) in marriage and in the event of its dissolution.

But the most important in my opinion, is the educational work. I support the activity GENDERMUSEUM, because believe that through educational activities in our society will be more happy families which are based on respect and mutual understanding.

All the best,

Sponsor of October 2016 — Gabriela Farnell

“You can judge the degree of civilization of a people
by the social position of women.”
Domingo Faustino Sarmiento,
witer, educator and politician Argentine

Devote themselves to culture, art in particular, is decidedly an act of faith.

Neither glory nor fortune are the true destination ; hopefully one aspires to live decently without incurring too much debt. Collaborate with cultural projects is a way to help our own way of life, specially knowing how difficult it is to obtain financing and real practice support from government and business sphere.

As a woman dedicated to art, supporting actions fighting for equal rights is an ethical obligation. There will only be real equality if we fight at the same level, if we fight facing discriminatory attempts.

image03 image00 image01

We can no longer leave theories or good intentions to future generations. It’s time to live and defend equality against any attempted violation.

Even of the distance (I’m on the other side of the planet, almost falling down) and backed by a cultural tradition of women who won many of the rights that I have nowadays (Victoria Ocampo, Lola Mora, Alfonsina Storni, Alicia Moreau de Justo), I feel that collaborate with Gender Museum just with a little of what I’m able, means to build a future of full equality and growing humanism.

Gabriela Farnell
Visual artist, born and resident in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sponsor of September 2016 — Eurasianet

Eurasianet.es is a group of researchers and university lecturers specialized in the study of Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia. Our mission is to contribute to public debate and to spread knowledge of recent transformations in the region, by applying Political Science, International Relations and other social sciences’ methods for analysis.
The group conducts research projects, funded by competitive grants from the Spanish National Research Programme, which include the following activities:

  • Books and articles in specialized journals.
  • Courses, seminars and other scientific events.
  • Collaboration with the media to analyze current news.
  • Blog on political and social changes in the region.

With our support to #SaveGenderMuseum, we want to show our firm condemnation of any form of discrimination and violence that continues to be suffered by women, either in Ukraine or in Spain. We sincerely wish a great success to all those who are working to keep the GENDERMUSEUM in Kharkiv alive.