Sponsor of July 2016 — Rede Museística Provincial

From Rede Museística Provincial we consider essential to understanding and to give visibility to gender diversity, as a necessary way to achieve excellence in art, culture and education. We have to make community aware to educate, sensitize and promote equality values in areas of culture and museums. To accomplish this objective, it’s indispensable to provide channels as necessary to enable or social dialogue, establishing cooperations with another institucions, professional associations ou social groups that share the same equality guideline. For this reason, when María (Pepper) Sanchez present us the #SaveGenderMuseum project in the III Congress of gender, museums, art and education, that we organize from Rede Museística, we wanted to support it in this very special month for us. The thirteenth of July Pazo de Tor celebrates 10 years as a museum, thanks to the donation of Mrs. Maria Paz Taboada de Andrés y Zuñiga. She gives us this building, the home of their ancestors for centuries, with one condition, to be transformed it into a museum full of life and history, as we have today in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra. Therefore, we thougth that the best gift to María Paz in this 10th anniversary would be to support a project that she surely would have liked to be part.


Sponsor of June 2016 — Dog&Roll

From this little corner of Madrid, poets, singers and artists from different disciplines show and share their talents. Dog&Roll has become a showcase of art, art that permeates the capital to which stage go public and participants from different parts of Spain and some friend from abroad, where everyone is welcomed and treated “like home”. We could not pass up the opportunity to participate in this special and necessary project, wishing GENDERMUSEUM is the first of many museums that give relevance deserved to so many women artists and hope to participate again soon or, even better, that they do not need any support having grown up enough to manage themselves.


Sponsor of May 2016 — Zafra Violeta

The May support of Zafra Violeta emerges from Formas de Vida, exhibition project of Sala Guirigai curated by Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal which is being developed in 3 chapters along 2016 with the collaboration of artists, writers, local collectives and associations, using the Sala Guirigai space as a creative core and expanding itself beyond its walls.

The second chapter sets out from feminism to use the possibilities that Sala Guirigai, as a space for cultural agitation offers, to incite alliances and dialogues with Zafra Violeta and #SaveGenderMuseum, interlacing local and global levels.

Zafra Violeta is a feminist space placed in Zafra (Badajoz, Spain). They organize a reivindicative meeting to put in the street a cry of justice and complaint against sexist aggressions every 25th since 2014. Zafra Violeta is part of the organizations that, from small or big localities, form an international net fundamental for the fight for women rights.

Formas de Vida is an example of the practices that use apparently closed fields, such as contemporary art, to propose collaboration beyond the traditional walls of “Culture”. The collaboration with projects like #SaveGenderMuseum is a crucial practice for the evolving of collectives like Zafra Violeta, which aspire to make grow a freer, fairer and more solidarity society where imagine and practice dialogues beyond geographical or institutional borders.


III Congreso Género, Museos, Arte y Educación

Tomorrow we will be in III Congreso de Xénero, Museos, Arte e Educaciónin Lugo (Spain). We’d participate in “ACTIVISM AND GENDER” part to talk about our initiative to save Gender Museum. There would be streaming and you can also follow it on twitter with #activaXenero.
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Mañana estaremos en el III Congreso de Xénero, Museos, Arte e Educación en Lugo, Galicia. Participamos dentro del bloque “Género y activismo” para hablar de nuestra iniciativa de salvar el Museo de Género de Járkov. Habrá streaming para seguir la sesión y también podréis seguirlo en twitter con el hashtag ‪#‎activaXenero‬.
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Programa DEFINITIVO y COMPLETO para mañana en ‪#‎ARTEYGÉNERO‬ en Art Madrid con ‪#‎SaveGenderMuseum‬.
Here you have the final program for tomorrow’s meeting #ARTEYGÉNERO #SaveGenderMuseum.
Остаточний варіант програми до завтрашньої зустрічі #ARTEYGÉNERO #SaveGenderMuseum.



Sponsor of February 2016 — #ARTEYGÉNERO in Art Madrid’16

‘less than 5% of the artists in the Modern Art Sections are women, but 85% of the nudes are female’ in 1989 Guerrilla Girls collective had already denounced this reality, the claim of visibility and equality of women in the field of art is still a pending issue, as confirmed by reports Platform Women in the Visual Arts.

According to its 2011 report, Spanish artists are only 14.7% of the artists working with galleries in Spain and 177 individual exposures of the Consortium of Contemporary Art Galleries, which brings together the finest galleries in the Spanish State, only 34 were of women artists (Consortium data: December 2008 — February 2009). A similar situation exists in museums and contemporary art centers as of 22 individual exhibitions held in Spain from 1999 to 2009, only 9% were Spanish women artists.

In this situation, the contemporary art fair Art Madrid dedicates its parallel program #ProgramaParalelo to equality and visibility of women in art with the participation and collaboration of #SaveGenderMuseum, among other agents as MAV-Women in the Visual Arts, the platform Figure of Gender and photographers, artists Carmen Calvo (Guest Artist in Art Madrid’16 and author of the official poster of the fair), Veronika Marquez and Yolanda Dominguez, the curator Margaret Aizpuru… from here, our thanks to all participants and FiArt Foundation for allowing us their space to development all the activities.

Art Madrid stands up for art as a reflection of the society in which it operates and is also a tool for change. Art education and values education go hand in hand and, with this theoretical and practical cycle, we intend to make visible the work of some of our most prominent contemporary artists, to present projects dedicated to equal rights and artistic creation from the perspective gender and above all, to give the opportunity to meet reality in order to act on it. We believe in art as an educational Equality tool. This program aims to promote a general reflection on the character of enhancing our capabilities through art, with two aspects, theoretical and practical.

Art Madrid with #ARTEYGÉNERO program intends to plant our seed for a more just, equitable and sustainable society.

Art Madrid Contemporary Art Fair will celebrate its eleventh edition from 24 to February 28, 2016 in the Crystal Gallery of CentroCentro Cibeles: Art Madrid’16. In this space, for five days, around 50 contemporary art galleries are going to present their artistic proposals in the cultural heart of Madrid.

Art Madrid has established itself over the years as a multidisciplinary exhibition where galleries devoted to painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography from the twentieth century onwards participate. Without forgetting disciplines such as performance, video art, installation art and site specific projects.

Art Madrid defends a realistic, dynamic, accessible and human fair model with a diverse activities’ program for all audiences that focuses on the synergies and collaborations with many institutions and cultural agents.

Furthermore, the fair is absolutely proud to participate as “godmother” of February Save Gender Museum of Ukraine, a clear example of survival and struggle for equality culture as a pillar of a modern society. ”

Sponsor of January 2016 — Museum of African Art Alonso Arellano University of Valladolid

In 2004, marriage Alonso Arellano decided, after the early death of his only son, to create a foundation that not only serves to pay homage to his son, but to prevent the spread of the works of art that he had collected over time. And also all the art works from their own parents, collectors since the 50s. The result: a complex whole, with such diverse backgrounds including Chinese terracotta, decorative arts, Talavera ceramics, paintings and Spanish contemporary sculpture, African art and industrial archeology can be found in the museum.

But the ultimate goal was that these works are not simply stored, but that could be enjoyed by all and also properly preserved and studied. Hence the decision to transfer all funds to the University of Valladolid, institution subscribes Foundation, and within which is born the Museum of African Art Arellano Alonso.

In the early years, a part of the outstanding collection of contemporary painting and sculpture -composed of works by the most representative Spanish authors from the 50’s- was exposed in one of the three rooms of the center, located in the Palace of Santa Cruz. But we must highlight a special set consisting of works by young creators who, from the 90s, contributed to the renewal of the Spanish artistic language, figures now being enshrined and recognized at international level (f. e. Agnes Denes, Carmen Calvo, Marina Nuñez, Patricia Gadea, Blanca Munoz or Esther Pizarro).

However, in 2009, the patronage of Alonso Arellano Foundation decided to specialize the Museum in what makes us a unique center in the Spanish territory: the art of sub-Saharan Africa. As a result, today we can look at our three rooms an exceptional collection of figurative sculptures in terracotta, besides the “Kingdom of Oku”, composed by the shocking royalties and masks of secret societies from Cameroon.

As well as the exhibition, the Museum has an obligation to the general diffusion of African culture, we have always given priority to publicize the role of women in traditional cultures. We use as reference the exhibits (some dating from the V century BC), showing the role they played in their societies: women especially mothers and wives; but also warriors and queens. And we noted in our themed tours.

At present, the role of women in Africa is essential. They are “the future of Africa.” Therefore, coinciding especially with the March 8, we have prepared rooms for several years tables interpretation where visitors were able to discover writers, artists, politicians… women engaged in all areas who work from most difficulties.

This linkage and claim the role of women, has led us to organize in June 2015 the first #Occupygender meeting, with collaboration of Marta Alvarez, cultural manager. In the meeting Maria Sanchez presented the project #SaveGenderMuseum and we decided to become a sponsor. But during the meeting we also got to gather some of the collectives, groups and associations who are struggling every day to gender equality in our city, Valladolid.

So we have no choice but to support not only the idea of Maria Sanchez, but our colleagues from the Museum of Kharkov with all his energy, all his life are trying to change something in their country. From Valladolid (Spain) our support and affection.


Sponsor of December 2015 Kvinnofolkhögskolan

Kvinnofolkhögskolan was a sponsor of April 2015 and gave their support before #SaveGenderMuseum project. Kvinnofolkhögskolan has a lot of collaboration with other popular education and feminist organizations different countries. These international contacts make it possible to compare circumstances in different parts of the world. The school also cooperates with many groups within Sweden and almost every evening its premises are used by different groups active in the feminist movement.


Sponsor of November — Araceli Corbo García

My name is Araceli Corbo García, @aracorbo on twitter. I work in charge of documentation at MUSAC (Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y León) located in Leon, Spain. I love my job, I love contemporary art, I like people, cultures, travel, meet different realities…

I support #SaveGenderMuseum project because it allowed me to know (through Mary Sanchez) Ukraine’s inequality situation well, and the possibility of memory, cultural, traditions and identity loss for a country.

I wish Gender’s Museum could continue with my little contribution until finally it could have its own life, where its own characteristics endorse the recognition of the Ukrainian society, not defeated by military struggles.

A small local struggle, brings strength to the global; interests of a minority are from the crowd; demand equality, free access to culture, protect the memory, it is my responsibility in my humble position.

I am a feminist and I want to defend another project where gender does not make any difference about discrimination and make women visible.
This month means to me birth and life, and I don’t want to leave die what is alive.

Sponsor of October — gender equality promoters

We are gender equality promoters, with academic training in areas like Social Work, Social Education, Psychology and Social and Cultural Entertainment.

While we were taking a course about Gender Equility, we received information about #SaveGenderMuseum and we were immediately sure that we wanted to take part on this wonderful project. For that, we started to talk about it in social media and in our local area, Valladolid.

For us, it is great to be sponsor in this month, because it means the end of our time as group, due to our course is over. From now on, we will work to get the same rights for the women everywhere.