Sponsor of September — Nicola Mariani

My name is Nicola Mariani, I am a sociologist and work as a blogger and social media manager. I am a contemporary art curator and critic, writing for my blog and for other media I collaborate with. I am proud to support this initiative, since I believe it is fundamental to let worldwide public opinion know the existence of Kharkiv’s GENDERMUSEUM (Ukraine) and its extraordinary activities, carried out in extremely difficult conditions. As a man, I feel a special responsibility in relation to such a valiant and necessary initiative. Gender discriminations and inequality between men and women are the result of an unjust domination by the male part of the society on the female one. Men are responsible for this injustice and are the first who should act in order to change this unacceptable situation. The world I would like to live in is a world where men and women have the same (nominal and substantial) rights, the same (real) opportunities and the same (civil) treatment: a world where there are neither humiliation nor violence against women; where equality of conditions, dignity and mutual respect are as assumed as the existence of the day and the night.

Nicola Mariani

Sponsor of August — 7H Coop

7H is a non profit associated work cooperation in the field of artistic, creative and cultural industries of Galicia. Founded in 2015, its developing partners, convinced by the deep need of working as a community, bet on a cooperative approach with the aim to achieve a real democratisation of contemporary creations, as well as a profound dynamisation of the Galician cultural fabric.

The essence of Projects of Social Impact is to live its main value of cooperation in order to create a cultural, participatory and democratic community: an initiative where the sector’s clear commitment towards society becomes visible. As such, the project is open to all types of collaborations.

The production, realisation and development of artistic and cultural projects as well as the delivery of professsional services, go hand in hand with Projects of Social Impact: artistic projects in which prevails the social involvement before the economic interest. It is in line with the supporting framework of Projects of Social Impact that we had to support and spread #SaveGenderMuseum, a project which we discovered thanks to Maria (Pimienta) Sánchez. On April 7, we decided, in the extraordinary Assembly, by absolute majority to spend the first benefits of the cooperation to sponsor the Kharkov Museum Gender for a month.

Initiatives like this one make the world a better place: thank you for letting us be part of it!

More information:
@7Hcoop Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Sponsor of July — Semíramis González

My name is Semíramis González, I’m an art historian. I work as a writer, curator and blogger for contemporary art. I am also a feminist; and I point this because #SaveGenderMuseum picks, somehow, all my passions, everything I am.
So I wanted to make my small contribution to the museum remains open, because my feminist background has taught me a beautiful word, “sisterhood”, which involves other concepts as wonderful as partnership, trust, mutual authority and support . A lot of things remain to be done yet in Spain, but this isn’t a reason not to look at other realities that are facing desperate situations. The prosperity of a country can not do without equal, so that Ukraine is what its citizens want to be, so a space that reminds them of the importance and educate them equally is needed. Keep this museum opens is to keep alive the past and have a commitment to the future.

Semíramis González

Project grows up

Step by step #SaveGenderMuseum project grows up. Thanks to all the collaborators, participants, volunteers, Museum staff, organizations, professionals, friends, relatives…
We are very proud and glad to announce that we have already found next month’s sponsor! And SHE would be a well-known professional from Spain. Kharkiv’s GENDER MUSEUM will remain open! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO EVERYBODY.
Photos: Eugenia Moroz (hairdresser, Ukraine) with María Sánchez García (visual artist, Spain) at Kharkiv’s Gender Museum for a photo session with Elmira Sydiak (photographer, Ukraine).

Sponsor of June – Students from ‘Art Today’ Course in Pamplona

This year I taught a course in contemporary art entitled ‘Ways of looking at contemporary art’ in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain) at CIVICAN Cultural Center. At the end of the classes I knew about #SaveGenderMuseum project and I thought that I could not stay with my arms crossed.

Active feminist in 60’s and 70’s Art was the common base of most of the topics discussed in the course. In addition, the course was only composed of women so I found it such a wonderful coincidence and I decided to suggest them to collaborate.

They are: Celia Arratibel, Beatriz Lahoz, Sara Sanz, Tere Moler, Juana Labiano and Marian Bustince. All aggree that only through education it is possible to unlock differences between sexes. The museum can be an important scenario to face the change that Ukrainian women need. Pamplona seems to be far away from Ukrainian reality but it is not because the struggle for equality is still a job to be done for everyone no matter where we live.

Aitziber Urtasun, Education Department at Oteiza Museum and ‘Art Today’ Course’s Professor (Pamplona, Spain).

Sponsor of May — Isidro López-Aparicio (iLA)

Isidro López-Aparicio is an international spanish artist, curator, professor and art activist.
Lives: Spain, United Kingdom, Finland, Western Sahara…


PhD in Fine Arts, senior lecturer at the University of Granada, Master of Environmental Management, Institute for Ecological Research EU, member of the Institute of Research of the Peace and the conflicts. Director of the state research group “Creation, Edition and Conservation of the Image”. President of the Active Art Association. Author of 7 books, 14 chapters and more than 25 articles.

Solo Exhibitions

From 1988 take part regularly in international Arts Fairs and does plentifully individual and group exhibitions and installations in Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Dutch, Belgium, the United States, Finland, Hungary, Russia, Greece, Rumania, Papua New Guinea, Norway, Fiji, Egypt, China, etc his artwork is part of state and private collections and it have been deserving of critique in numerous specialized mass media.
Director of the Artifariti Art Residency, Curator of Arcopaz, Velez Blanco, Almería, Art Action International Art Festival CABEZABAJO and current curator of the International Art Encounters in the Western Sahara.


Awarded and granted for the extension of studies and the artistic creation in the following centers: Raffaello academy, Centro Didattico Internacionales Artistico Culturales, Urbino (It.), Loughborough College of Art and Design (UK), Polytechnic of Central London-University of Westminster, London (UK), Teekengenootschap Pictura, Dordecht (Hll), University of South Carolina, Columbia (USA), Real Academy of Beautiful Arts of Budapest (Hng.), University of New Mexico, Tamarind Institute, Alburqueque (USA), Delfi annex in Athens Schoole of Fine Arts (Grc.), Darat Al Funun (Jordan) etc.


He has given conferences, seminars and art courses in the following institutions: Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (Germany), University of Hertfordshire, Faculty of Art and Design, Chelsea College of Art and Design, School of Art (UK), Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles, Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel (Belgium), Istaháskóli Íslands, Iceland Academy of the Arts (Isl.), Kunsthochschule, Berlin-Weißensee, Hochschule für Gestaltung (Ger), Universidade of Lisbon, Faculdade de Belas-Artes (Pt.) Skola Vysoká umêleckoprûmyslová, Prague (Czech Republic), Accademia A.A.B.B. Brera, Milano (It.), University of the South Pacific (Suva, Fiji)…

Chairman of the Fine Art European Forum and part of the board of The European League of Institutes of Art.


Goodmothers of April 2015 — Kvinnofolkhögskolan

Kvinnofolkhögskolan is a feminist folk high school located in the center of Gothenburg, Sweden. The school is attended by adult women and transgender persons of different ages, with various backgrounds, goals and study habits. The school offers courses at elementary and secondary school level, feminist oriented courses and different thematic courses. All courses are taught from gender perspectives.

The school´s support association, Kvinnofolkhögskolans stödförening, supports the school in organizing open evening lectures and cultural events on gender subjects, open for the public. Members are former students, but also women and transgender persons in general who want to keep in contact and want to take part in different events. The association also supports different feminist projects abroad. The board of the association decided in 2014 to support The Kharkiv Gender museum in Kharkiv Ukraine, asking members to donate a voluntary sum of money every month to make it possible for the museum to pay the rent. Around 20 persons are now donors and have given different amounts of money. The board will try to get more donors, and also start supplying regurlalry news from the museum. Maybe in the future the assoziation can organize a study visit to Kharkiv.


Sponsor of March The GARCÍA-MÍNGUEZ Family (2nd & 3rd Generation)

Ángela García Dehesa (Guadalajara, Spain, 1993) student, social worker
Clara García Dehesa (Guadalajara, Spain, 1996) student
Germán García Mínguez (Guadalajara, Spain, 1963) insurance broker
Javier Pedroviejo García (Guadalajara, Spain, 1995) student, drummer
Marcos García de Lucas (Guadalajara, Spain, 1994) architecture student
Mª Elena García Mínguez (Guadalajara, Spain, 1957) office-worker
Mª Pilar García Mínguez (Guadalajara, Spain, 1961) office-worker
Marta Pedroviejo García (Guadalajara, Spain, 1990) student, future lawyer

+ in-Laws

José Sánchez Carretero (Blascomillán, Spain, 1957) office-worker
Teresa García Dehesa (Guadalajara, Spain, 1962) medical technical assistant

They are the closest relatives of María Sánchez García, in her mother’s family. And all of them decided to help her with #SaveGenderMuseum as a Christmas present. They become all together the oficial sponsor for March paying the rent for the Museum.

Thank you Ángela, Clara, Germán, Javier, Marcos, Mª Elena, Mª Pilar, Marta, Jose and Teresa!