Ukrainian journalist Nastya Melnychenko about GENDERMUSEUM

Nastya Melnychenko, conductress of media projects and editor of magazine “Zhyla” wrotes about GENDERMUSEUM on Facebook:

“Kharkiv GENDERMUSEUM is not easy to find. It is invisible for uninformed people. The same as invisible gender problems are, which face men and women. There are over 3000 exibits in GENDERMUSEUM, that show these problems.
I’m impressed. Especially the exhibition devoted to women’s life during war in Kharkiv.
GENDERMUSEUM is very well-prepared. But there is lack funding. Lack at all. I’m suprised of the fact that GENDERMUSEUM is surviving. The only one GENDERMUSEUM in Ukraine…”

Occupy Gender by María Sánchez García

During last days we have very important event. María Sánchez García (@pimientasnchz), our January-2015 sponsor and #SaveGenderMuseum project manager has conducted the lection and presentation about this campaign in Universidad de Valladolid.

More than 80 persons were there, listening and making questions. And people were very interested. It is very important is to present #SaveGenderMuseum in that University, talk in different radios around Spain. We are so glad that spanish people want to collaborate with the Museum and help us.