Sponsor of November 2017 — Gammera Nest

Gammera Nest is a videogame development studio aimed at disseminating knowledge about art, culture and heritage. Understanding the video game as a possible means for co-creation, reflection and the transmission of ideas, they bet on it as a new way of supporting the #SaveGenderMuseum campaign. Thus, VONA was born. VONA is the result of a long collaborative process in which more than twenty people, from Ukraine and Spain, have participated in vindicating the museum’s discourse and underlining the importance of its survival. Near the end of the development of the game and waiting for its publication, Gammera Nest sponsors the month of November, valuing the immense importance of keeping the Gender Museum open and full of life.

#SaveGenderMuseum Campaign



WHAT IS #SaveGenderMuseum?

An international campaign to help saving Kharkiv’s Gender Museum (Ukraine) which is in imminent danger of closing due to the current situation of the country.


#SaveGenderMuseum is a project managed by spanish visual artist María (Pimienta) Sánchez within the framework of her European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Ukraine, in direct collaboration with Kharkiv’s GENDERMUSEUM: Тatiana Isaeva (Museum Director) and Mariya Chorna (Museum Designer), with many others who are voluntarily participating by assisting in the development of this initiative.


GENDERMUSEUM is the only museum about gender in the city, the single of the country. The single museum in a ex-former Soviet country, and the single Gender Museum in Eastern Europe.
We consider absolutely important to educate in equality the Ukrainian society even in a time of great difficulty, which is essential to bet on equal rights for all genders. The fight in this war must address all fronts and education of the population who are looking for change, requires minimum educational foundation to build a future.
Over 3000 pieces form Kharkiv’s Gender Museum Collection. At this time most have been stored in trunks to try to be preserved. The conditions of the museum are more than precarious and can not maintain or wiring for lack of funds to replace lamps rooms, making visits with the light of a candle or just to take advantage of the few hours of winter sun .


In January 2015 #SaveGenderMuseum starts with the aim to help surviving this modest museum which would have no choice but to close its doors if it doesn’t get the help needed. Time is now.


Basically, given the circumstances of Ukraine, #SaveGenderMuseum is designed to receive international aid of any person, association, collective or group that can support the Museum financially in order to collect the rent amount monthly and maintain its space without losing any piece of the collection.
#SaveGenderMuseum is an international online campaign, willing to reach every corner of the globe with the help of all, to save this referral center.


#SaveGenderMuseum Wishes to gather people/groups that support culture, museums, art, history, education equality and equal society. Artists / managers / representatives / associations and cultural professionals, museum professionals, gender advocates and anyone interested, unimportant genrer. Any contribution is welcome and grateful for the museum team, which has already been working without getting any salary and maintaining the facilities by themselves.


#SaveGenderMuseum wants to find a host that would put down the monthly charge or raise the cost of a monthly rental of the venue; a total of €100 is needed. The person / group can engage directly with a financial contribution to cover the full amount, or join the campaign leading the collection of the month amount that would be under their name(s) to express our appreciation.


#SaveGenderMuseum Focuses on an online web platform built as a hub and different profiles on social networks, to achieve the greatest impact in public combining with local actions to involve territorial diffusion.
A wide selection of graphic material will be available on the web for download and use as a symbol of support for the campaign. Either direct support with a contribution or indirect, and also highly valued, helping in spreading activity.
Logos, banners, stickers, avatars, wallpapers and other materials are available to the public to download and disseminate. Paper piggy banks design, stickers, badges, posters or postcards to print at home to defend the initiative.
We intend to seek the commitment of society, international support, the involvement of the artistic and cultural community of museum professionals and anyone who wants to get involved in this cause.


You can support #SaveGenderMuseum helping with the payment of the full monthly amount or leading the campaign for the month collective in your environment, location, group and contacts. We respect all those who wish to do it anonymously, but the main idea is to create an international professional network of contacts linked to museums’ field, art and culture, with Social Media presence, in order to give them maximum visibility as possible with all tools available.
In this web and in the web of the museum itself, we will find a space dedicated to the person / group that wants to take over, sharing a small bio, their profiles, statement or any information considered appropriate.

All the info in: savegendermuseum.com
Questions or suggestions: save.gender.museum@gmail.com




Sponsor of April and September 2017 — students from China

GENDERMUSEUM is often visited by guests from other countries. They are activists, students and journalists from UK, Canada, USA, France, Spain, Korea, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Japan, Germany and Austria. In February 2017 foreign volunteers were visiting Kharkiv in frames of the project “Feel Ukraine”, whose main objective is to destroy stereotypes about Ukraine. Participants of … Continue reading Sponsor of April and September 2017 — students from China

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Patrocinador marzo 2017 — participantes del taller de creación de un videojuego para el Museo de Género

El mes de marzo, mes internacional a la mujer, el Museo de Género está patrocinado por los participantes del “Taller de creación de un videojuego para el Museo de Género de Ucrania”. Tuvo lugar en Madrid (España), en Casa del Lector (Matadero Madrid) gracias a la colaboración de la Escuela de Factoría Cultural. Durante las … Continue reading Patrocinador marzo 2017 — participantes del taller de creación de un videojuego para el Museo de Género

sponsor feb 2017

Sponsor of February 2017 — Juergen Pijahn

«I always have been taught by my mom that first of all we are humans. It does not matter if you are man or woman, fat or skinny, German or African, refugee or local, or what your skin color is I will treat you as human. And I also want to be treated this way. … Continue reading Sponsor of February 2017 — Juergen Pijahn


Sponsor of January 2017 — ADDARES, Insurance brokerage

The history of insurance in the world is linked to the solidarity of people in the face of a misfortune. In its beginnings it involved the distribution of risks as a feeling of mutual support without a technical or legal basis. For example, during Antiquity and Middle Ages stored cereals in the barns of the … Continue reading Sponsor of January 2017 — ADDARES, Insurance brokerage


Sponsors of 2016

Sponsor of January 2016 Museum of African Art Alonso Arellano University of Valladolid Sponsor of February 2016 #ARTEYGÉNERO in Art Madrid’16 Sponsor of March 2016 Transilvania LAB Sponsor of April 2016 Nokton Magazine Sponsor of May 2016 Zafra Violeta Sponsor of June 2016 Dog&Roll Sponsor of July 2016


Sponsor of November 2016 — Miriam Jano

Miriam Jano. 31 years. Married, three daughters. Israel, Tel Aviv. Born and raised in Odessa. I am speaking to my friends and compatriots. To those of you who are financially dependent on the husband and feels inconvenience regarding this. As girls, who had been brought up in the post Soviet countries, we take for granted … Continue reading Sponsor of November 2016 — Miriam Jano


Sponsor of October 2016 — Gabriela Farnell

“You can judge the degree of civilization of a people by the social position of women.” Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, witer, educator and politician Argentine Devote themselves to culture, art in particular, is decidedly an act of faith. Neither glory nor fortune are the true destination ; hopefully one aspires to live decently without incurring too … Continue reading Sponsor of October 2016 — Gabriela Farnell

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Sponsor of September 2016 — Eurasianet

Eurasianet.es is a group of researchers and university lecturers specialized in the study of Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia. Our mission is to contribute to public debate and to spread knowledge of recent transformations in the region, by applying Political Science, International Relations and other social sciences’ methods for analysis. … Continue reading Sponsor of September 2016 — Eurasianet

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Sponsor of July 2016 — Rede Museística Provincial

From Rede Museística Provincial we consider essential to understanding and to give visibility to gender diversity, as a necessary way to achieve excellence in art, culture and education. We have to make community aware to educate, sensitize and promote equality values in areas of culture and museums. To accomplish this objective, it’s indispensable to provide … Continue reading Sponsor of July 2016 — Rede Museística Provincial


Sponsor of June 2016 — Dog&Roll

From this little corner of Madrid, poets, singers and artists from different disciplines show and share their talents. Dog&Roll has become a showcase of art, art that permeates the capital to which stage go public and participants from different parts of Spain and some friend from abroad, where everyone is welcomed and treated “like home”. … Continue reading Sponsor of June 2016 — Dog&Roll




Alex Denysov (Scholkino, Crimea, Ukraine, 1993)
Daria Merkulova (Kharkov, Ukraine, 1991)
Eugenia Moroz ( Scholkino, Crimea, Ukraine, 1995)
Iryna Tehlivets (Boryslav, Ukraine, 1990)
Valery Musiyaka (Poltava, Ukraine, 1998)
Liubov Vasylivna Hryb (Rivne, Ukraine,1992)
Olesia Kornilova (Kharkov, Ukraine, 1993)
Daria Prydybailo (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1989)
Ganna Alokhina (Kiev, Ukraine, 1982)
Viktoriia Ivanova (Kharkiv, Ukraine, 1990)
Volodymyr Dudar (Ternopil, Ukraine, 1991)
Marina Lukianenko (Kharkov, Ukraine, 1990)



You can support us just by downloading and share our #SaveGenderMuseum design production. You are welcome to use campaign logo, stickers, posters etc. with QR-code and site address. You can find a download link below.
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