Sponsor of May 2016 — Zafra Violeta

The May support of Zafra Violeta emerges from Formas de Vida, exhibition project of Sala Guirigai curated by Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal which is being developed in 3 chapters along 2016 with the collaboration of artists, writers, local collectives and associations, using the Sala Guirigai space as a creative core and expanding itself beyond its walls.

The second chapter sets out from feminism to use the possibilities that Sala Guirigai, as a space for cultural agitation offers, to incite alliances and dialogues with Zafra Violeta and #SaveGenderMuseum, interlacing local and global levels.

Zafra Violeta is a feminist space placed in Zafra (Badajoz, Spain). They organize a reivindicative meeting to put in the street a cry of justice and complaint against sexist aggressions every 25th since 2014. Zafra Violeta is part of the organizations that, from small or big localities, form an international net fundamental for the fight for women rights.

Formas de Vida is an example of the practices that use apparently closed fields, such as contemporary art, to propose collaboration beyond the traditional walls of “Culture”. The collaboration with projects like #SaveGenderMuseum is a crucial practice for the evolving of collectives like Zafra Violeta, which aspire to make grow a freer, fairer and more solidarity society where imagine and practice dialogues beyond geographical or institutional borders.


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